Whole Body Vibration

"Whole Body Vibration" is a principle that has come over from science. An automatic stretch reflex is generated in the body by means of the mechanical vibrations of a plate. It therefore reaches 100% of the muscle groups without you having to move. With traditional training methods this is only 60 to 80%.

Because of the intensity of the stimuli - which can be as high as 60 per second – results are accomplished that cannot be matched by traditional training. By means of different positions, you can train virtually every muscle in your body with the Body Coach.

Vibration training has existed for 20 years and was first applied for astronauts. By making use of vibrations, they could restore their strength in a short time after a long space flight.

Its application goes from the treatment of cellulite and figure correction, to power training, stretching, and also various medical treatments. In addition, vibration training is fast and varied and is accessible to people in any physical condition.

With the Body Coach you can easily reduce an all-round training of an hour and a half to twenty minutes.